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Challenger deck Dimir – Magic the gathering

Challenger deck 2022 Estándar

Sin existencias


Para cada mazo de Challenger Dimir Control- Magic The Gathering tiene las siguientes cartas:

Baraja principal:

Graveyard Trespasser x3
Iymrith, Desert Doom x2
Hullbreaker Horror x1
Crippling Fear x3
Blood on the Snow x3
Jwari Disruption x2
March of Wretched Sorrow x1
Power Word Kill x3
Baleful Mastery x2
Saw It Coming x3
Thirst for Discovery x2
Parasitic Grasp x2
Hero’s Downfall x2
Memory Deluge x4
Infernal Grasp x1
Field of Ruin x2
Ice Tunnel x4
Hall of Storm Giants x2
Evolving Wilds x2
Shipwreck Marsh x4
Snow-Covered Swamp x7
Snow-Covered Island x5


Saw It Coming x1
Mischievous Catgeist x2
Duress x2
Siphon Insight x2
Negate x2
Ray of Enfeeblement x2
Bloodvial Purveyor x2
Bloodchief’s Thirst x2

Vamos a realizar un torneo FNM especial con estas barajas.

Los Challenger Deck es un producto oficial de Magic The Gathering

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